Illegal Taking of a Game Animal

What if I am charged with illegally shooting a game animal?

If you shoot a deer or other game animal and find yourself being investigated by the Oregon State Police or another agency, you should immediately contact an attorney. While a case can seem clear-cut, often it is difficult to establish exactly what happened out there in the woods. Your right to hunt is on the line.

If you have a valid tag and shot the animal legally, you understandably will be eager to prove your innocence. Telling your side of the story is important, but that does not mean you should do it without legal representation. People often assume the trooper will agree with their account of events, only to be surprised by having the animal confiscated and criminal charges filed. Later, every statement is placed under close scrutiny as the government looks for evidence of criminal liability.


Loss of Hunting Rights

If you are cited for a violation or charged with a crime, not only do you risk jail time and a fine, but also confiscation of your rifle and loss of hunting rights for at least 3 years.

Even if a person takes a deal for a violation rather than a crime it will likely result in a suspension of the defendant's right to hunt.

Future violations can lead to the permanent loss of your state hunting rights.

Lohrke Law can help clear up past hunting violations.


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