Felony reduction is the process of turning what was once a felony conviction into a misdemeanor conviction. It is a legal process that can be applied to many Class C felonies under Oregon law. It can happen even years after the initial conviction.

Felony reduction is most useful for convictions that cannot be set aside or expunged. The conviction stays on a person’s record, but it no longer shows as a felony. The change takes the person out of felon status and restores firearm rights and allows passage of a background check that screens for felons.

Convictions that can be reduced include driving felonies such as hit and run, driving while suspended, driving under the influence, and possession of a stolen vehicle. Reduction is not limited to driving crimes. It can be applied to  most any Class C felony or Class B felony methamphetamine possession, or Class A felony Racketeering.

When we help people apply for felony reduction, we have to show the court it is unduly harsh for our client to continue to be convicted of a felony. The court must consider the nature of the crime of conviction and the history and character of our client when making the decision. It is our job to present the information in an organized and accurate format that tells the story of our client and why he or she deserves this relief.

We investigate the original conviction and complete a thorough interview with our clients to ensure we have the information the court needs to make the right decision. In-person hearings before a judge are often required, but not always.

In a single phone consultation we can tell you what the cost would be and whether you are eligible to reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor.