Oregon is about to make expunging old marijuana convictions faster, easier, and less expensive. Senate Bill 420 will take effect January 1, 2020. It allows marijuana convictions to be set aside with no court costs, fingerprints, or State Police fees. The process happens quickly. After the paperwork is filed with the court, the district attorney has thirty days to respond. If no objection is received, the court will grant the set aside and the conviction will be deleted from official records. The person can deny it ever happened and lawfully state he was never convicted of that offense. Under Senate Bill 420, almost every marijuana conviction is eligible.

Old convictions are not automatically removed from your record. Under the law, people have to seek out and expunge their own convictions.

Senate Bill 420 text

It can be difficult to find your old conviction in courthouse archives. You are generally going to need the court and the case number. If you need help with this process, Lohrke Law is ready to work with you at an affordable price. Once the new law takes effect, most marijuana conviction cases will be able to be set aside for about $500 per case in legal fees. Discounts are available for veterans and people with multiple cases.

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