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Can Rights be Restored if Money is Still Owed in a Case?

In our experience all fines, fees, and restitution must be paid off before people can set aside a conviction. A reduction requires at a minimum to be up to date with a payment plan. The laws do not explicitly discuss money owed, but they do discuss complying with the sentence of the court, which arguably…

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Can I Restore my Rights if I have a Felony Vehicle Conviction?

Convictions for felony vehicle crimes cannot be set aside, but they can be reduced to misdemeanors. Oregon Revised Statute 161.705 allows a Class C Felony to be reduced to a Class A Misdemeanor. Felony reduction to misdemeanor applies to convictions for criminal as well as vehicle crimes. Once a felony conviction is properly reduced to…

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Can Arrests that do not Result in a Conviction be Used Against Me?

Arrests that do not result in a conviction appear on most criminal background checks. Most background checks do a poor job of showing the difference between convictions and arrests. Though arrests cannot be officially used against you, the fact that they show up is prejudicial to employers, landlords, police, and others who view your criminal…

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