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At Lohrke Law, we clean up criminal records, restore firearm rights, and restore driver's licenses all over Oregon.

We enjoy what we do, and we are good at it. Our pricing is geared to make rights restoration accessible. During a free consultation, we will help determine your eligibility and cost.

The failed war on drugs left a lot of felony records in its wake. Many law-abiding citizens have criminal records that affect them later in life. Rights Restoration is the flip side of the criminal justice system. It allows people to get their rights back. It changes lives immediately. Look at our testimonials, and read our reviews to see how.

Hear it from Jesse Lohrke:

What are my rights restoration options?

A few of our services:

Set Aside (Expungement)

Setting aside a conviction erases it from your record. Set aside is available for most felonies and misdemeanors. Arrests that did not result in a conviction can also usually be set aside.

Felony Reduction to Misdemeanor

Most class C felonies can be converted to misdemeanor convictions, resulting in non-felon status.

Firearm Rights Restoration

An Oregon judge can restore a person's Oregon firearm rights when that person proves he or she is not a danger to himself or others.

Oregon Driver’s License Restoration

If your driver's license was revoked for life, after ten years you can petition the court to restore your right to drive.

Relief from Registration

People who register due to juvenile adjudications.

We will help you determine which rights restoration laws apply to your situation.

Read more about rights restoration in our case examples and helpful articles.

Lohrke Law helps rights restoration clients all over Oregon and anyone with an Oregon conviction.

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Erin LobdellErin Lobdell
16:08 26 Jun 24
Jessie Lark is the best in town! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a Lawyer.Great guy / highly professional / understanding
Thank You Jesse Lorke for the professional and expedited service you provided!The Best Law service I’ve ever experienced!
Tracy StarkeyTracy Starkey
16:01 11 May 24
Jesse was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and helpful. I definitely recommend him.
Reid IsbellReid Isbell
19:24 16 Apr 24
Didn't represent me, but was so helpful over the phone that I wanted to leave this review. Thank you, so much, Lohrke law.
Nick SnyderNick Snyder
19:37 05 Apr 24
They did an awesome job handling my case. Got it done and taken care of faster then I thought it would take. Thanks guys I really appreciate it!
Benjamin MorseBenjamin Morse
16:56 27 Mar 24
Lohrke Law provided me with excellent service and a terrific outcome. I would highly recommend them.
rob bergeronrob bergeron
06:38 13 Feb 24
I can't say enough in appreciation of Jesse Lohrke Law. We were having an introductory conversation, and he had already researched my situation, and was totally on top of what my needs were, and was amazingly helpful! Thank you!
Benjamin MorseBenjamin Morse
18:33 07 Feb 24
Marc RyalsMarc Ryals
02:46 06 Feb 24
Lohrke Law helped me with an issue I didn't know how to resolve. They not only fixed it they did it faster than I expected all while keeping me up to date every step of the way. They were totally worth the money. I would definitely use them again if the need arose and I would absolutely recommend them. A+
Nate OemingNate Oeming
16:17 26 Jan 24
I had an outstanding experience with Jesse and his firm. Their team of experts demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication throughout my case. From the initial consultation to the successful expungement of my record, they provided clear explanations, personalized attention, and prompt communication.What sets Jesse apart is their deep understanding of expungement laws and commitment to staying updated on legal developments. Their tailored approach to my case instilled confidence, and the transparent communication made the process stress-free.The results speak for themselves – my record was successfully expunged, opening up new opportunities for me. I highly recommend Lorhke Law for their exceptional service and genuine care for their clients' well-being. Five stars, without a doubt.
DAVID gillaspieDAVID gillaspie
05:22 21 Jan 24
I'm happy as a clam. Mister Lohrke, delivered. He told me my odds were good,having my convictions set aside. He was correct. He provided very good communication throughout the process. This is a nice little reward for having gotten my life on the right track. I wish I had gotten a hold of him a lot sooner.
Nolan ThompsonNolan Thompson
21:08 02 Jan 24
Used for expungement, kept me updated as needed, provided information quickly when requested, made the process exceptionally easy.
Jon RutherfordJon Rutherford
21:59 28 Dec 23
They are one how work hard for u.
John BorgJohn Borg
10:52 11 Dec 23
Jesse and Austin, explained the expungement up front, they said my case was pretty straight forward, it took the time they said it would and kept me informed at every point.They are extremely knowledgeable and have the compassion to make this stressful time in your life so easy, I plead to something I never did and didn't have the time or money to fight it but did my probation with the confidence of a friend's advise that Lohrke Law had also helped him.Should be able to give more than 5 stars, I absolutely recommend them, very thankful for their help.John.
Deedra NunezDeedra Nunez
22:57 08 Dec 23
Jesse is fantastic & made the process very easy! Jesse & Lindsay are both very caring people. Jesse helped my husband get his gun rights back. We definitely would recommend using them.
Guan-Lin WuGuan-Lin Wu
12:39 06 Dec 23
Absolutely amazing!
brandon axmakerbrandon axmaker
19:19 04 Dec 23
“Working” with Jesse and his team was a breeze. I put working in quotations because they took care of everything for me lol. Super solid work, even went over the top and found some things I didn’t even know were on the record. Seriously, don’t think twice, the team over there at Lohrke Law will take care of you. If you see this, thanks again guys
Fred WhitmanFred Whitman
01:57 30 Nov 23
The Lohrke Law Office has helped me get all of my rights restored and my entire record completely cleared! I was treated with the upmost respect, and dignity during this process. My dreams have come true, and I am grateful for Jesse and Lindsay for the support and guidance I needed to achieve my goals. The support and help I recieved from their legal team is unparalleled. Thank you Lohrke Law for everything you have done for me.
Andrew HAndrew H
00:35 21 Nov 23
Excellent service! All the staff I've spoken with were awesome and very friendly. Mr. Lohrke was very efficient in handling my issue, and the work he did was done quickly at a very reasonable rate. The advice, service and cost far exceeded my expectations.
Robert MurphreeRobert Murphree
00:16 30 Oct 23
I wanted to clear up some things from the past so I called lohrke law and told them what I thought needed clearing up. They told me about things that I didn’t know about and quoted me a price and timeline to get everything taken care of. They let me know ahead of time what to expect, and when to expect it. They were right on the money. Everything went according to plan, and on time. Everything has been taken care of.I highly recommend lohrke law to take care or your needs. If they say they can do it, they will. Robert
Tammy HanniganTammy Hannigan
15:46 11 Oct 23
I've spent the better part of a year interacting with all the employees at Lohrke Law as my case progressed. I was always treated with empathy, respect and kindness. Phone calls, texts and email were always answered in a timely manner. Jesse Lohrke went above and beyond in answering my many concerns and questions. He is very knowledgeable and able to explain the legal process in a simple yet respectful manner. Jesse, Lindsay, Cherlyn and rest of the staff were simply a joy to work with and I can’t thank them enough for all their support. I’ve no doubt they’re high level of professionalism, knowledge and work ethic are a large part of a successful outcome in my legal case. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Bart GoldenBart Golden
06:48 04 Oct 23
They were able to have my history set aside in less time than they said it would take. Now I have a clean slate and I'm now able to go about my life as if the mistakes I made as an young adult never happened. Now instead of being bound by those mistakes I have a new lease on life and a chance to be a participant in society. Thanks again guy's.
Ashli AndersonAshli Anderson
21:46 27 Sep 23
Contacted this firm about an expungment. Had the ball rolling within a few weeks. Everything was explained in detail, they we're very knowledgeable. Took about a year to get it done, I am very happy with my results.
Josh RussellJosh Russell
20:36 22 Sep 23
Seemed very knowledgeable and the phone call was very punctual exactly right on time. Added to this 9 months later I'm finally a citizen again no longer a felon I have my 2nd amendment rights back I would like to thank Lohrke law it feels amazing to no longer have felonies hanging over my head
03:29 22 Sep 23
We all make mistakes in our life! Mine were kinda big and I was tired of them haunting me! Lohrke Law made the process so easy to finally put it all behind me. Lohrke Law communicated well and sent me updates along the way. Very professional and easy to deal with. My futures so bright, I gotta wear shades!Thank you for your professionalism!!
Matt BabsMatt Babs
01:12 22 Sep 23
They know there stuff when it comes to getting your background exapunged. They did exactly what they said they would do. They also take payments if needed. I would definitely use them again if I need to . He is reasonably priced and he stays in contact with you through our the whole process.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.....
Richard BlakesleeRichard Blakeslee
21:39 18 Sep 23
These people are awesome and will explain the procedure of expungement from beginning to end. Everything they said would happen did happen and because of their professional representation I received the positive results that I paid them for. They are very reasonable cost wise as well. Thank you Lohrke Law staff!
Christopher ParsonsChristopher Parsons
04:27 11 Sep 23
Great people doing great work for their clients. Austin Burke was very capable and did a fantastic job. Easy use of your time/money, this firm is worth it.
Mark SachsMark Sachs
19:57 08 Sep 23
This was my second attempt to get my felony expunged. The first attorney took my money and ran. Lohrke law did exactly what they said, AND GOT IT DONE!!!!!
Steven BorcherdingSteven Borcherding
00:16 07 Sep 23
I had a wonderful experience using Lohrke Law. They are really great at keeping you informed and giving timely and accurate communication. Could not recommend them highly enough.
Zach AnDykeZach AnDyke
08:28 06 Sep 23
So I personally recommend this to anyone who would like legal help with expungments or advice on getting gun rights restored. Lohrke Law was my solution and did not disappoint me at all. In fact they have changed my life and I appreciate them greatly. Responded to my inquiry within 2 hours of submitting info online. Up front about prices, which were very reasonable. And resolved my legal issue well within the time frame they said they could do it in.Thank you guys so much.Z.A.La Grande, OR
Curtis W.Curtis W.
21:33 05 Sep 23
Lohrke Law took care of a very complicated case quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend them!
Brian HemphillBrian Hemphill
22:57 30 Aug 23
This staff is amazing. When I had questions they answered them promptly. I always was at piece of mind in the process. Easiest judicial process I’ve ever been involved with.Thank you.
Scott BrooksScott Brooks
22:52 29 Aug 23
I would advise anybody looking for a lawyer to contact Jesse. I was told from several lawyers that what I was hoping to accomplish could not be done. They were wrong. I cannot thank you enough. I can finally move on from my past. Thank you so much.
18:34 29 Aug 23
Lohrke Law completely expunged my record in a short amount of time for a very affordable price. I’m more than happy with them. Austin Burke is amazing.
Robert JubberRobert Jubber
00:46 26 Aug 23
Absolutely wonderful to work with. Guided me through every step of the way, answered all my questions, and provided details around how the process works.
Mark WygantMark Wygant
17:08 21 Aug 23
So very Grateful for the work that was done on my behalf. Lohrke Law went the distance for me. I am now a Legal Firearm Owner. I only dreamed of having my rights restored. Now I can teach my Grandkids how to hunt and be good stewards of the land. I believe in Constitution and I am Proud to be a American. Thanks again Lohrke Law for all you did to get me in good standings with the Law. Myself and my Family Thank You. God Bless.
Maybe NotMaybe Not
18:53 16 Aug 23
From day one I liked these people. Instantly connected with Elizabeth. Pricing never changed always received updates. Took roughly 9 months to complete but worth it. I will be forever grateful to have had this opportunity. I finally have my life back! Thank you guys so much!!!!
xavier cookxavier cook
17:28 01 Aug 23
Was a waste of my time to receive their call 🤣 still was a waste of my time, I could have been working, doing a hobby, but instead I wasted my time arguing with an idiot with a degree
Michael DelanoMichael Delano
23:42 31 Jul 23
Shawn DukeShawn Duke
22:17 31 Jul 23
I found the team Very Friendly, professional, helpful, responsive, down to earth and passionate. I felt they equally shared the excitement I had when I found out that he would be able to help me obtain my 2nd amendment rights again! A Great experience all around. I recommend anyone in need of a highly efficient and experienced lawyer to not hesitate calling Lohrke Law Office.
Kathleen LillisKathleen Lillis
21:19 31 Jul 23
Very professional office.
Richard MccarthyRichard Mccarthy
14:54 26 Jul 23
Amazing people! Very helpful! calling Lohrke Law was the best decision of my life.
Jpatty 596Jpatty 596
18:56 17 Jul 23
They did a great job helping me out! I am out of state and they took the stress completely off my back. Very communicative and clear on what was going on with my case and what needed to be done. Jesse was a pleasure to work with.Thank you Lohrke Law!!
Mike ThomasMike Thomas
17:33 27 Apr 23
It was bumpy at first but once Jesse took over my case he got it done and I would recommend him to anyone that I know best experience I have had with an attorney
Doug BruceDoug Bruce
15:32 26 Apr 23
Their service was great, Jesse and his staff are very professional and always right on top of everything. Would highly recommend them for helping you through any situation .
Blake MasonBlake Mason
23:51 03 Apr 23
I started working with Austin at Lohrke Law last year to expunge a felony and attempt to have one reduced as it wasn't expungable. The entire experience was pleasant and they stayed in contact throughout the process letting me know updates as they happened as the county the charges originated from dragged their feet with paperwork (no fault of the firm.) I'm happy to say that I was able to have my rights restored in Oregon and will work with them again in the future when the time has appropriate amount of time has elapsed to get my license reinstated as well.
Kai TiceKai Tice
18:45 23 Mar 23
Both Jesse, and Lindsey were exceptional in character, and helpfulness. Kind, considerate, wise and compassionate. They went above and beyond, on all levels! I recommend, 1000 percent!!
23:57 09 Mar 23
Jesse and Lindsay at Lohrke Law in Springfield, Oregonprovided exceptional service for my case.They were knowledgeable, professional, and responsive throughout the entire process.I felt supported and well-informed every step of the way.Their attention to detail and expertise made all the difference in achieving a successful outcome.I highly recommend their services.Thank you so much!, Jesse and Lindsay!Eric C.
joseph baudichonjoseph baudichon
16:48 03 Mar 23
So impressed with this firm. Jesse and his assistants were so helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve never dealt with a lawyer that was so friendly and easy to communicate with! Thank you for all your help!
Ryan MoellerRyan Moeller
03:41 13 Jan 23
Extremely impressed with the quality of service at Lohrke Law! Elizabeth saw a path forward for my case that nobody else did. Austin handled the case extremely well and was very communicative along the way. Well worth the reasonable fee and I highly recommend!
Mike DoyleMike Doyle
08:34 29 Dec 22
We were very fortunate that another law firm referred us to Lohrke law. Jesse Lohrke is on your team from start to finish. We couldn't have hoped for a better attorney because we got the best that day. Thank you Mr. Lohrke for being you!
scott kanescott kane
21:41 01 Dec 22
Jesse was incredible. I've had consults before on the same court issue with other attorneys but they weren't helpful, nor did I gain any new information from them. Jesse Lourke was the 1st attorney to actually read my evidence, my court statement, and was able to give his honest take on it. He gave great advice to make sure my main points were heard in the short time I was given to defend my position. I ended up winning! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence I needed to face this Jesse. And thank you for volunteering your time, generosity, and expertise to disabled veterans like me. Give Jesse a shot, he'll tell it like it is.
Bradley Ellison (Brad)Bradley Ellison (Brad)
20:07 19 Sep 22
I am delighted to recommend Lohrke Law to anyone looking for assistance with legal issues. I had previously contacted another firm for help and was told that they would charge 5X what Lohrke Law wanted and that anyway, I needed to wait a couple of years to move forward. That was just plain wrong.Jesse and his firm got my issue resolved within 10 months for a very reasonable fee. Good communications, excellent results and great follow through! This firm has been the single best Law firm that I have worked with in my 65 years of life.
04:26 17 Sep 22
Jesse was great to deal with. Very clear communication. Told me what to expect, and gave me a timeline up front. If I had a question, someone was always there to take my call and answer questions. Price point seemed reasonable. Great experience overall! Would recommend!
Shaun GavinShaun Gavin
18:26 18 Aug 22
Jesse took care of an issue that was on my record from over 30 years ago that I didn’t even know existed. His firm’s help was instrumental in dealing with the bureaucracy of our slow moving legal system. The fee was worth every penny. Thanks Jesse!
Donny Thompson SrDonny Thompson Sr
20:07 17 Aug 22
Jesse was very quick and professional at getting my legal issues taken care of. I would recommend him any time
Jared RhyneJared Rhyne
18:19 17 Aug 22
These people are completely and totally awesome. Everyone I spoke with from support staff to lawyers was kind, informative, timely, efficient and made me feel valued. Best thing is they delivered on the service inquired on!! Amazing people and I would recommend them to anyone seeking services.
Jason SiscoJason Sisco
05:04 28 Jul 22
Jesse got it done I can't thank him enough for what he did for me. He shot me straight through the entire process. His team was wonderful. For the first time in 14 years I no longer have a black cloud over my head. It is not a fast process Thanks to local government dragging their feet But as far as lohrke law they are extremely efficient and surprisingly affordable. My biggest regret is not contacting them years ago.
Mike ShirleyMike Shirley
18:32 27 Jul 22
Jesse and his team are excellent. They got me my driver's license back, and two assault cases set aside. Very good price as well. I would recommend this firm to ANYONE looking for an experienced law firm. Thanks again to the Lohrke law firm, as you guys gave me my independence back
Glen HensleyGlen Hensley
22:53 20 Jul 22
Jesse is an amazing Attorney,I can honestly say I have a new friend. I had complete trust in his abilties and have no regrets at all having him represent me,he's honest and thorough , competent and pleasant to work with
Steve DuncanSteve Duncan
19:11 16 Jul 22
I didn't do an expungement, for many years...thinking it was a difficult, lengthy process! Well, I was wrong! In fact...I paid Lohrke law to take care of it for me...and that's exactly what they did! They did everything for me! It was fairly quick(waiting on agencies) is what takes the most time! My record is now clean, with 0 to no trouble whatsoever...In conclusion...they did exactly what they said they'd do...and if I needed to do it again, I'd definitely use them!
James StoneJames Stone
14:25 23 Jun 22
They were extremely helpful and answered all my questions do it cost me an arm and a leg got my record completely clean for that I greatly appreciate it would recommend to everyone
Chris MontagueChris Montague
01:44 23 Jun 22
Lohrke Law not only helped get my rights restored, they helped restore my dignity. Jesseand his team treated me with great respect and I’ll be forever grateful to them. Thanks again.
17:49 01 Jun 22
I have been dreading going through this legal matter, but he made is go so smoothly, I hardly had to do anything and I didn't even have to go to court. I am using Lohrke again.
P MesserP Messer
20:12 15 May 22
Liz and all the team there really went the extra mile for me. This has helped so much, as now I can participate with my family in unlimited capacity, to further their futures as a father and husband should do. I am very thankful and greatly appreciate the positive attitude and "can do" spirit. I have had a burden lifted off my shoulders for over 30 years. They are a real blessing in so many ways.I put them on the top of the " I recommend " list.Paul
Preston AsherPreston Asher
22:54 06 May 22
So friendly and understanding. So far nothing but excellent.
00:31 15 Apr 22
Excellent knowledgeable law firm. Folk are easy to work with and eager to help solve any problem you may have. I would highly recommend and would use them again.
Dante AlexanderDante Alexander
20:56 24 Mar 22
Jesse and Liz are great people and lawyers. I highly recommend hiring them for help expunging or reducing because they are the experts. They do this every day so if you have a complicated case to work on, they would have the answer on what could be done to help restore your civil rights.
Dee SmithDee Smith
03:13 18 Mar 22
Very friendly, judgement free. Great people to work with. 💯‼️
Tausha SmithTausha Smith
00:19 17 Feb 22
Liz at Lohrke Law was incredibly helpful. The team more than met my expectations. Despite all of the difficulties due to covid, they were able to navigate these barriers and deliver the service as they stated they would. I am incredibly grateful. They did what I thought was not possible. I highly recommed Lohrke Law!
Adam SkinnerAdam Skinner
02:21 21 Oct 21
Highly recommend,,I needed to get my license back after lifetime revocation,, I had a hard case to win. But with Mr. Lohrke's help I was able to drive again. Professional, caring and affordable attorney. Wish i could give ten stars
Christopher GodinezChristopher Godinez
18:56 15 Oct 21
I have just Lohrke law a few time and each time have been a win and I definitely would use this service again.
Kevin FleenerxxKevin Fleenerxx
16:38 15 Oct 21
I would recommend Lohrke law to anyone needing legal services. They met my legal needs on two different occasions. I am very pleased with the services that were provided.
Tammy WatersTammy Waters
01:20 10 Sep 21
Professional upstanding experienced Attorney! Mr. Lohrke exceeded my expectations with his knowledge along with great communication and feedback to any questions I have had. I found Lohrke Law to be more than generous with affordable representation!
Skyler WilemonSkyler Wilemon
02:25 21 Jul 21
First off I would like to say thank you for the help. Great knowledge and very helpful through my situation. Jesse actually cared and helped me very much. If you are looking for a great and professional lawyer, give him a call and see if he fits your situation.I will definitely be a returning client of his if I need help with any other legal situations.
Travis GrahamTravis Graham
23:17 04 Mar 21
GREAT Attorney. He did not buckle under pressure from the state. He protected me and my children when the state had there own ideas about wrecking it. We WON big and he set precedent for other families to follow. Jesse KICKS BUTT against the "societies problems" Lane county Sheriffs Deputy Quote
George WoodwardGeorge Woodward
02:19 14 Jan 21
Gun Rights Restored. 47 felony convictions to say it was an up hill battle would be accurate. Elizabeth took the time to listen to my criminal history and past also about me presently and what my argument would be if we were called in front of a judge for a hearing. We (Elizabeth) came up with a plan set about executing that plan and even through the slow courts we (Elizabeth)prevailed. I cannot thank Elizabeth and her team enough. I only gave her 5 stars because I could not give her more.
Oscar BravoOscar Bravo
00:46 10 Dec 20
Elizabeth Lohrke did a phenomenal job for our family. We will forever be grateful for her. She is a first class lawyer who truly cares about her clients. Keep up the great work you and your husband do!
Frank BairFrank Bair
22:14 19 Nov 20
Wow. What can I say. Very professional. Helped when no one else would. If you know anyone needing the type of service they offer, stop looking and call. None better.
Brandon MeekBrandon Meek
18:29 19 Nov 20
I had a great experience with Elizabeth. She took care of my dilemma for a very reasonable price and was honest with me throughout the process. She even explained to me at the beginning that my issue was something I could easily do on my own, but I however, do not trust the courts to treat anyone who is poor in a reasonable manner without representation. Decent individuals are hard to come by these days and Liz is surely in that rare category of folks. I am grateful to have found her.
Had a long standing issue that needed to be addressed. Elizabeth gave me a couple of different approaches. She told it would take some time and work. She stayed in contact with me and the results were better than I could ask for. Thank you Lohrke Law for your honest integrity.
13:03 20 Oct 20
I no longer have to register!I called around for several days looking for an attorney that would look at my case. Almost every attorney I spoke to said they couldn't help, or they referred me to a guy named Jesse Lohrke. I finally called Jesse and explained my situation. With confidence he accepted my case and laid out the expectations from day one. He brought his "A" game to the table every time we spoke. This guy knows the law and will FIGHT for his clients. After working with him for a couple months it was time for the hearing. After working with Jesse I was confident and ready to present my case with Jesse to the courts. We did amazing, We won! I was not expecting such a positive outcome. With Jesse's hard work it finally paid off. I no longer have to register as a sex offender (after 20 years of doing so). I also got my charge changed to a Misdemeanor instead of a felony. This has changed my life for the better, and I owe it to Jesse.

10.0Jesse Lohrke

Knowledge Center

Update Alert – Oregon State Police not Approving many Firearm Purchases after Expungement / Set Aside

By Jesse Lohrke | March 19, 2024

The Oregon State Police recently changed its policy on firearm purchases after a firearm-prohibitive case has been set aside or expunged from your record. The new policy states that the OSP understands that under federal law Oregon Set Asides do not restore firearm rights. The Oregon State Police are incorrect in this interpretation, but it…

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Can Felons Own Black Powder Guns in Oregon?

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