How to Your Get Your Criminal Record in Oregon Expunged

If you have a record of arrest or a criminal conviction in the state of Oregon that is preventing you from getting a job, a loan, an apartment, or from having your gun rights restored, let Lohrke Law help!

How Can an Expungement Attorney Help Me?

When it comes to expungement, Oregon law dictates most employers cannot ask about the criminal record of a person during an initial interview for a position. However, if a background check is to be performed as a further part of the hiring process, an employer can still ask you to list arrests and convictions and the background check itself will reveal any arrests or convictions. Background checks can also be performed for activities like participating in public school volunteering or working with children. A criminal record can preclude you from obtaining a loan or mortgage, renting an apartment, and obtaining or renewing a professional license.

We Are Experts in Oregon Expungement Law 

At Lorhke Law, our mission is to help people find freedom from mistakes that have haunted them in the past. We take pride in using the law to help people move forward without the stigma of a felony arrest or conviction. With felony expungement, we can assist in possibly removing unfortunate criminal blemishes involving assault, forgery, or marijuana charges from an otherwise clean criminal record. 

Restrictions on Expungements

Types of offenses that are not eligible for expungement include:

  • DUII and traffic offenses
  • Class A felonies (except those relating to marijuana)
  • Most sex crimes, though juvenile sex offenders may be able to remove their name from the sex offender list.
  • Class A & B robberies
  • Child & elder abuse and assault
  • Most drug delivery and manufacturing charges

Conditions & Qualifications for Oregon Expungement

People who wish to petition for having their record cleaned up must meet certain qualification standards and conditions including:

  • The person must not be under prosecution for any other type of criminal offense
  • The person must not have been convicted of a criminal offense in the last ten years
  • There must be no arrests for at three years prior to the date of filing for expungement
  • The person cannot have filed for an expungement for at least ten years
  • All fees must be paid or waived
  • Any victims involved have the right to review the documents and object to the expungement


The Expungement Process

Applications for expungement must be filed with the Governor’s office along with all pertinent documents. These documents must also be sent to the office of the district attorney for the county where the offense and conviction took place. The governor may choose to not act on the request for 30 days following receipt of the application and documents. If the governor has failed to act on the request within 180 days, the application for expungement is considered denied.

Let Lohrke Law Help You Clear Your Record

Clearing a criminal record is a complicated, time consuming endeavor. While laws ten to remain constant, they could in fact change at any time. Contact Lohrke Law for a consultation on your particular case, and let us help move past a previous arrest or conviction.

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