Jesse Lohrke

I am an an experienced Oregon attorney. My practice involves providing legal advice and counsel on a wide variety of matters that include child welfare, criminal defense, rights restoration, hunting, firearms, and landlord-tenant law. My clients recommend me because I am a dedicated advocate on their behalf. I draw on a wealth of legal experience to advise clients through difficult times.

I am a fourth generation Oregonian and a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Service. I am a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law where I studied trial law and criminal defense. I opened this law practice in 2011 to help people resolve their legal matters and criminal charges.

I want Lohrke Law to be a top-notch and affordable law firm for people all over Oregon. We achieve good results at prices people can afford. I enjoy protecting the rights of people prosecuted by the government and helping clean up criminal records. I believe people deserve a second chance and am passionate about providing that opportunity.

If you have any questions, please give us a 541-357-6788.

Elizabeth Lohrke

I love being able to help resolve difficult situations for people. I bring a wealth of legal experience to my law practice and efficiently help clients. I am a trial lawyer, but offer unbundled services that allow people to represent themselves with my help. My focus is on giving clients good representation at rates they can afford.

I am a dedicated attorney for my clients in matters that include family law, restraining orders, stalking orders, and criminal defense. Additionally, I work around the state on Rights Restoration matters. Building on an established Rights Restoration practice at Lohrke Law, I expunge criminal records, reduce felony crimes to misdemeanors, restore firearm rights, and seek relief for eligible people who register.

I understand good people need a good lawyer to put bad situations behind them. My rates are reasonable because I have raised a family and know what it is like to pay the bills.

Whether you need legal advice, help filling out family law forms, or representation in court, please give me a call; it will be worth your time.