Municipal Courts in Oregon must allow set asides or expungements under the same laws that apply in Circuit Courts. The process and fees are generally the same as well.

Municipal Courts can be much easier to deal with than Circuit Courts, but sometimes their staff has never dealt with motions to set aside convictions or does so infrequently. We have dealt with courts that try to charge unauthorized fees or fail to send the set aside order to the proper agencies, resulting in incomplete expungement of records.

Rather than using the municipal court’s standard forms, Lohrke Law files its own forms that ensure the law is followed and the order includes every holder of records that should be destroyed. This is important because when an agency receives a set aside order, they are required to seal or destroy any evidence of the conviction. If they do not receive the order, they are not required to do anything with evidence of the conviction.

If your arrest or conviction was in a municipal court, and it is eligible, it can be set aside.