Court Costs for A Set Aside Or Expungement In Oregon

Each expungement or set aside motion requires a $281 court filing fee as well as an $80 background check fee for the Oregon State Police.  Additional costs include $15 to $20 for a fingerprint card. These prices are current as of July 2020. If filing more than one motion at the same time, only one $80 fee is required.

Cost for An Oregon Expungement Attorney

Lawyer fees are necessary for an attorney to represent you during a petition for a conviction set aside or expungement. Lohrke Law does order a background check of our own to ensure a client is a suitable candidate for the requested expungement, thereby saving time and money. 

At Lohrke Law, we keep costs down by setting flat fees that are usually determined during our initial phone consultation. Clients will always be informed of the costs involved in advance of any actions taken by Lohrke Law.

This Information is not Legal Advice

The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for one’s own legal research or the advice of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Laws and the interpretation of those laws are subject to change at any time, so what was applicable one day may be completely different the next. Legally, each individual case is different and a legal strategy used for one defendant may not be the best course of action for another. Contact an experienced rights restoration lawyer to discuss and understand your particular legal situation.