The Value of an Expungement Order

The value in setting aside your criminal record is difficult to quantify, but the rewards are undeniable.

When it comes to getting your criminal record cleaned up, or “set aside” (while not technically correct, the common term here in Oregon is “expunged”), there are a few ways to do it – and there are more reasons to do it than we can count.

Whether you’re looking for employment, eager to take your grandkids hunting, anxious to shed the public stigma of being a convicted felon, or you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re leaving a powerful legacy to inspire your great grandkids, we can help.

Everyone has their own personal reason for wanting to clean up their criminal record, and each reason is personal – intimate, even.

Maybe you know what your reason is; you know what’s driving you to get that signed order, an order that gives you the legal right to deny the incident ever happened. You don’t need a minute to think about it, to ponder what benefit might come from getting your record sealed. You already know and you’re raring to make it happen.

Or maybe you don’t dare to speak the reason into existence, for fear that if the words leave your lips, you’ll be judged, shamed, or invalidated. You’ve carried the weight of your convictions for so long and you don’t think you could bear to express hope only to have it yanked away from you. What took place then isn’t at all representative of who you are now. You long to start over again; you just can’t bring yourself to ask for help with the process.

Maybe you, quite simply, have all the reasons. Your mind is alight with all the possibilities that come with setting aside your criminal record, and you just need to find a like-minded team that will advocate for you every step of the way.

Or maybe you don’t have a defined reason because you aren’t certain if this is something you really “need”. Sure, your record is a little messy. Or it’s incomplete. Or you honestly don’t know what’s on there, but you know that something is. You get delayed whenever you try to purchase a firearm, but eventually things work themselves out.

Whatever your situation, the professionals at Lohrke Law are knowledgable about how to do rights restoration correctly. Get in touch with us. The process is not intimidating, and we can give you a lot of information in one phone call.